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Erich Stauffer, a porcelain figurine artist, is said to have been a designer for several different porcelain figurine companies including Goebel and Kalk, but probably only worked for Arnart Creation (also known as Original Arnart Creation, Japan or Original Arnart Creation, New York). Arnart was founded in 1953 in Japan to produce porcelain art, and has offices on 5th Avenue in New York, New York under their new name, Arnart Imports Inc.. Erich Stauffer designed fake versions of Hummels and Kalk figurines for Arnart from 1953 to 1970 under the brands Arnart Imports, 5th Avenue, ArMark, Royal Carlton, Royal Chintz, and Royal Crown.

Erich Stauffer Original Arnart CreationArnart is known by its crown and crossed arrow symbols on the bottom, some of which are printed with numbers in a series in porcelain or on a sticker. Erich Stauffer designed “fake Hummels,” which used a crown symbol. Goebel Hummels had similar marks in use from 1934 to 1942. Arnart also produced “fake Kalks,” which carry the two three-feathered crossed arrows, trade marks of the Porzellanmanufaktur Kalk company from Eisenberg, Thuringia in Germany. Because Arnart produced both fake Hummels and fake Kalks, some have speculated that Erich Stauffer worked for either or both in Germany, but this theory is not supported. It is most likely that Erich Stauffer only worked for Arnart.

Some people place Erich Stauffer figurines back to 1940 because of the United States ban on imports from Germany during World War II, which started in September 1939 when the United Kingdom and France both declared war on Germany. On December 11, 1941, the United States declared war on Germany. The New Deal, which was the name that President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave to a sequence of economic stimulus programs initiated between 1933 and 1938 to combat recession, included blocking imports from Germany to the United States. However, Arnart Creation was not founded until 1953, eight years after the end of World War II on August 15, 1945.

Designed by Erich Stauffer

Designed by Erich Stauffer

It is true that Hummel porcelain figurines were manufactured by Goebel in Germany, which was no longer able to export to the United States during World War II, but Arnart more than likely capitalized off not the import ban, but the general popularity of the premium porcelain brands of Goebel Hummel and Kalks. Erich Stauffer, a traditional German name, may even have been invented to make it seem as though the Arnart imports were from Germany. This could explain why it is so hard to find out information about Erich Stauffer, the designer.

Another reason why the import ban theory does not hold up is due to the fact that the ban also applied to Japan, where the figurines were initially produced. After World War II, Arnart was part of the influx of cheap Japanese imports flooding the US market. Arnart’s imitations began to tarnish their brand so in 1957 Arnart changed their name to “5th Avenue” after securing their 5th Avenue office in downtown New York and stopped using a printed stamped “Made in Japan” pottery mark, replacing it with a “Made in Japan” sticker. In 2000, 5th Avenue changed their name back to Arnart Imports Inc.

What is an Erich Stauffer Figurine Worth?


Erich Stauffer Figurine

Erich Stauffer figurines selling on online auction services such as Ebay end anywhere from $5 to $40. The price varies by how clear the mark on the bottom is, whether a number exists or not, if there are any chips or cracks in the porcelain, and if it has a sticker. A sticker, because of the chance of removal over time, makes it more valuable. It is important to note that even though the figurines, also known as “fake Hummels” or “fake Kalks” are imitations, over time have become valuable in their own right. However, as long as Arnart Imports Inc. is still in business, the price of Erich Stauffer figurines will never be as high as Goebel’s Hummels.

Erich Stauffer figurines usually look like Hummels or Kalks and can be identified by the crown or crossed arrow symbols, but also by a beehive symbol or taglines such as “Made in West Germany” or “Designed by Erich Stauffer”. One person has also reported seeing “Divinity Artware” under one Erich Stauffer figurine. Figurines stating that they were made in Germany were not. They are hand-painted porcelain figurines from Japan. They may also say “New York,” but again, Erich Stauffer figurines which say “New York” originally had “Made in Japan” stickers and were made in Japan. The best way to find out what your figurine is worth is to have it professionally appraised or by purchasing one of the books below:

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  1. ria carraro says:

    i have a piece from my grandmother. it has the crossed arrows. marked designed by erich stauffer and is of a young angel holding a lantern and a shoverl.
    i am interested in knowing its value. i love it and do not even clean it, but take it out every christmas to include w/ my other angels.
    thank you

  2. carol curcio says:

    Ihave 5 figurines with the # 3443 and the crossed arrows What is the value and are they authentic

  3. Dawn Fitzwater says:

    I have a plate by erich Stauffer cross bow 8380 call the clipper the flying cloud 1851 if interested please contact my e mail please.

  4. Joyce Monet says:

    I have two cups and saucers with Dynasty Chine original arnartcreation. Both cups have a sculptured geisha girl in the middle of them. It looks like very, very fine china. they were bought in the 50’s or early 60’s. Are they worth anything?

  5. linda kennedy says:

    Hi I have a few of your pieces boy and girl #55/1546 set and they both have the crown and sticker very nice no chips o eaither of them I was wodering if you new how much I could sell them for? I only hae the two and do not want to purchas a guide for just to I can not find the item for sale on eby o amazon could you help me. Thank you lk

  6. Mary Ellen Black says:

    I have a figurine little boy blowing horn with lamb 55/917 with sticker what is it worth? thank you

  7. ellie butler says:

    i have a erich stauffer s8518 ,little girl sitting and singing on a log with her music book opened,has the no. and two arrows,need to know how much this is worth,bought it at the goodwill today,thank you

  8. ellie butler says:

    i have a erich stauffer s8518,little girl sittin on a log with her music book opened,has the no. and two arrows on bottom of it,would like to know how much it is worth,bought it today at the good will,thank you

  9. kim says:

    i have 2 erick stauffer figurines. one is a girl playing an accordian & the other is a boy with a pair of skis. both have the word desigrid & the number 8543. i would like to know what they are worth. thank-you

  10. Phyllis Pancake says:

    Our granddaughter is studying ballet, she is beginning her third year at university. She has a birthday soon and when I saw a music box of a ballerina that plays the “Music Box Dancer”. I thought it might be a nice gift. I noticed the signature on the base and wondered if it is something to prize. I don’t see in your listings anything about music boxes. Just wondering if I am giving her a special gift or just special to me.

  11. Karen Leonard says:

    I am looking for a nurse figurine, probably a WWII where nurse has a white cap with red cross on it and is carrying a doctors satchel.

  12. rick metzger says:

    I have three nuns one is spring ,one autumn, and one winter the # is 8316..can u give me a value on them no chips very good condition…

  13. Robert Zaratin says:

    I have a piece which has signed on the bottom “Designed by Erich Stauffer” with the cross-arrows insignia and the number 8268. Is it authentic and if so what is it’s value? Thank you for your reply.

  14. Barb Morisette says:

    I have a figurine Designed by Erich Stauffer with the double arrows and the numbers 8262 and it has the sticker on the front that reads spring festival. It is in mint condition and is 7 1/2 inchs high and 3 1/2 inche wide of a boy with a hat and violin under his arm. He is standing on grass with raised flowers under him. Writing on bottom is bold and clear and easy to read. Would you have any idea of how much he would be worth. He was owned my my parents and passed on to me. Thank you for reading this post. Sincerely, Barb M

    • admin says:

      Barb, the general rule is about $3 per inch so your collectible would be worth about $22.50. Having the paper sticker on the front may make it worth a little more as not all of those have. Keep in mind that many of these collectibles were originally sold in sets and also had hang tags, but yours is still worth something in it’s own right.

  15. Jack Ray says:

    I have a Hummel that my grandma gave me when I was about 10. That was 1969. It is ” life on the farm” and on the bottom it has Eric Stauffers signature and U8394. I was always told to not mess with it and it is in perfect condition. There are no cracks or scratches on it and it looks like it just came out of the founders. If it’s real, what would it be worth and is it authentic. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

  16. charlotte sorrell says:

    I have an Arnart peice that is the sitting Hobo the umbrella or tarp covering his back is missing as if it were never there ( kinda unfinished )..it has the crossed arrows mark w/ # 8567 and the Made in Japan foil sticker; but no signature. Would this item be of any value?

  17. I have 2 porcelain Erich Stauffer Goebel Hummel figurines. They have no chips or scratches.cthey have the double arrows, on the have the bottom, but they are missing the stickers. They have S8157 and the script Designed by Erich Stauffer. There is a country outing sticker on the front base, of both of them. I’d like to know what they are worth. I’d like to sell them.

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