Arnart Creations Crossed Arrows

Crossed arrows were stamped in several countries as a porcelain brand. Whether this was in reference to the famous Meissen crossed swords, it should be presumed to be. Today, you will find mark crossed arrows on porcelain dishes, porcelain figurines, and knickknacks from the following countries:

  • Germany: Kalk Porcelain Factory Eisenberg / Thuringia
  • France: Paris porcelain factory Bloch (often with the addition: “PORCELAINE DE PARIS FRANCE”)
  • Japan: Arnartcreation or Arnart (often with a multi-digit number)
  • USA: Homco (Home Improvement Co.) (often with a multi-digit number, decorative name and / or artist name)

Arnart Crossed ArrowsIn addition, there are also hand-painted Markung crossed arrows, but the problem of a properly assigning them is that there were several companies that are used weapons as a trademark. For example, the porcelain factory, Rauenstein, crossed flags, the teat porcelain villages crossed spears, and Volkstedter porcelain factory used cruising signs, all of them together with a certain similarity which is presumably intended.  You can see how it can be hard to identify porcelain pieces to a manufacturer.

When looking at Arnart marks and seeing the different number combinations one tends to believe that there was some connection between Arnart and HOMCO. The marks themselves – and the items these marks appear on – are not HOMCO as the marks were registered by Arnart and the mold style, decoration and other marks clearly indicate Arnart as source. Arnart was in the replication business so they simply used a numbering system similar to HOMCO to better position themselves in the marketplace.  Arnart even went as far as to use the HOMCO numbering scheme for some Erich Stauffer figurines.

Here are some books on Volkstedter porcelain and HOMCO “Denim Days” figurines:

Dresden Porcelain Studios Antiques Price Guide Homco Denim Days
Dresden Porcelain Studios [Hardcover] Antiques Price Guide 2008 [Hardcover] Mary Barker’s Complete Collection Home Interior’s/ Homco Denim Days 2nd Edition [Paperback]

One reviewer said of Barker’s HOMCO guide, “This was for my mom, she collects denim days. She loves the book. Now she can see what to look for next.” What will you look for next?

6 Responses to “Arnart Creations Crossed Arrows”

  1. Dana says:

    I recently purchased a tea set with the tea pot, creamer, sugar bowl with lid and 4 tea cups. On the bottom is the crossed arrows with 3 feathers. Beneath the arrows it has “S8690″. It’s white porcelain on the top 2/3s but the bottom is covered with a band of gold. I believe that it is probably Erich Stauffer but can’t seem to find anything other than figurines by him. Am I on the right track?

  2. Melia says:

    Schreib doch bitte noch ein wenig ausführlicher. Möchte sehr gerne noch mehr darüber wissen.

  3. Sherry says:

    I recently purchased a odd shaped decorative plate with gold trim and it has the sticker from japan and two arrows and numbered 7935. It has a glass arch piece that beings on the edge of the plate and is connected to the lower part of the plate. There is a man and woman pictured in the center circle appearing to be sitting on a log. The plate is a blue green color with beautiful flowers around the edges and gold trim. There is a signature on the picture that appears to be J. MOIRE. Can you help on a time frame for when this piece might have been produced? I think it may have been around the early 1950′s when this company started but would like a professional opinion!

  4. Lynn collings says:

    sherry, I was looking up the same cake holder when i came across your comment. I too, would like to find out if this is a fake or not. Mine has the same arrows and same numbers on it. It looks old, but not really sure. I does have the raised “dots” on the plate. Hope you get the info you need

  5. Melisa says:

    I too have a tea set, also s8690 on each with 2 arrows crossed. 2/3rds white with a 1/3 band of gold on the bottom, wondering who made it and what it is worth. It was my grandfathers…….Can anyone give me some information on it?

  6. kathie says:

    I have two hanging baskets with stem holders. it has two blue arrows and numbers 5502 or 7502. it is decorated with pink roses and gold leaves.

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